Business Branding

New insights.
For new perspectives.

Become poised for the future: Exploit new chances for growth by sharpening your company profile and developing a strong and ownable innovation strategy .

Business Branding

Guidance and orientation for successful innovation

Your company is doing well today. But it needs new strategic stimulus to be prepared for the future?

With over 25 years of experience in the development of sustainable growth strategies, I can support you step by step – tailored to your challenges, your needs and your goals.

Whether it is a corporate group or a medium-sized company – the brand core provides a clear orientation both internally and externally.  A professionally carved positioning, and an innovation and marketing strategy based on it, will point companies in the right direction for the future.

Use my experience and my proven tools to open up new perspectives and growth opportunities.

Key questions:

  • What is your core competence, what distinguishes your company or your products from others?
  • How well is your business model positioned for the future?
  • What new challenges arise from market changes and digitization?
  • How can your proven success factors be successfully combined with new impetus and new offers in a tangible and forward-looking way?
  • What steps are necessary to achieve the goals you have worked out?
  • Do you need further professional support to implement possible activities? If necessary, I can recommend suitable partners.

Strategic Workshops

Tailor-made, involving, motivating:

  • Development and facilitation of workshops to answer your companies key question: Where do we want to be in 10 years?
  • Involvement of all relevant decision makers, cross-functional: Management, R&D, marketing, sales, controlling, purchasing, manufacturing
  • If required, experts from my network can be called in as catalysts and sources of inspiration (industry experts, digital experts, etc.).
  • Definition of specific steps and activities to implement the outcome into your business process.

Strategic Sparring

Individual, personal, hands-on:

  • Support of general or divisional management teams in setting the course in the area of innovation development and marketing strategy
  • Identification of opportunities for sustainable growth
  • Selection, briefing and management of agency partners – handling the execution and implementation of the marketing strategy (e.g. advertising agencies, packaging agencies, social media experts, etc.) as required
  • Sparring over a period to be defined individually
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